I was very excited when I finally received my Espruino Pico from my first Kickstarter backing last week. I have a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, but this was different because it natively ran JavaScript. Since I’m a web developer this was a programming language that I was very familiar with. My deep interest in technology started out as a kid with electronics, so being able to use C# code to communicate with a micro controller has always interested me. So far I am very pleased with the ease of use and the short amount of time it took to get get started.

2015-04-27 22.05.04


Here is the code for my first quick test of how C# can communicate with an Espruino Pico which you can enter instructions to toggle on the green LED as well as pushing the button on the Espruino Pico to publish an event handler in C#. Simply create a console app, paste the code into the Program.cs file and load the JavaScript onto the Espruino Pico that is located toward the top of the file within a comment block. Depending on your specific computer, you may need to modify the COM port specified on line 21.



I’ll try to get some more examples that further integrate C# code with the Espruino Pico. Enjoy!


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