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Espruino Pico C# COM Test

I was very excited when I finally received my Espruino Pico from my first Kickstarter backing last week. I have a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, but this was different because it natively ran JavaScript. Since I’m a web developer this was a programming language that I was very familiar with. My deep interest in technology started out as a kid with electronics, so being able to use C# code to communicate with a micro controller has always interested me. So far I am very pleased with the ease of use and the short amount of time it took to get get started.

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Mechanical Keyboards for the Office

A couple of years ago I decided to seek out a keyboard that did not include a 10 key pad. This desired feature ended up cutting my keyboard options drastically. It is handy to have the 10 key pad, but I wanted the mouse to be closer for ergonomics. I found myself looking at a mechanical keyboard manufactured by Cooler Master 10 key-less with Cherry MX Red switches. It was unlike any other keyboard I had ever tried and I bought it. It took a few weeks to get used to, but I knew it was worth it. For those who are not familiar with Cherry MX switches, they are the individual switches beneath each key that are color coded according to their feel.

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